Why Choose Embalming

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Respecting the body of your loved one

For thousands of years, funeral home directors have used the ancient art of embalming to care for the bodies of deceased relatives.

Whilst we now use modern methods, the philosophy of embalming is still the same – to respect and cleanse the body, to restore a lifelike appearance and to create a warmer, safe touch.

Viewing a body that has been professionally embalmed is a very positive experience, and one that is chosen by the majority of people for the funeral service they arrange. It means that you can remember your loved one as they really were.

We believe that expert, qualified embalming is the way things should be done. That’s why we include it in our standard service fee for both post paid and pre paid funeral plans.

To find out more about the benefits of embalming, feel free to call us or download a detailed fact sheet.

Director, Bill Dobson’s Interview on ABC Perth:
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