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Caring for the family, that’s what comes first for Funeral Care. The company’s genuine warm and care for families makes us one of the most recommended funeral parlours in Perth. Funeral Care will help you plan the right funeral for your loved one, a meaningful funeral worth remembering with all the specifications that you prefer.

In times of your lost and grief let Funeral Care be at your side. We have all the qualities of a funeral parlour that will offer you the complete caring funeral service you need.


Owners, Bill and Ellie Dobson have built a reputation on funeral services with high standards since 1998. They, with their experienced staff have served and cared for the people of Perth over the past 25 years.


Bill was a practising member of the New Zealand Embalmers Association and the British and Australian Institutes of Embalming. Also, our funeral directors are caring professionals who will plan and conduct the funeral service for you. Our experience and professionalism make us qualified to provide you with the best funeral service you can avail of.


Experiencing lost and coping with it is a totally difficult process. With our experience in helping bereaved families, we can always be at reach when you need someone to talk to. Even after the funeral service, we will listen to you all the way. When you prefer self-help group or professional counselling, we can also refer you to the right persons.


We offer complete caring services. We have compassionate and professional owners and funeral directors. We specialise on and offer pre-paid funeral services. We plan and conduct your funeral service according to your wishes, be it a traditional or a personalised one.

We love to help and listen to you in your mourning. We have all the needed people, facilities and care that you’ll need. Call us today for questions or if you need more information.

What Clients Are Saying

Ever since our first meeting, they helped us with everything from the personal booklet to the music. On the day everything went really well. We had some helium balloons released by the grandchildren at the cemetary on the day which was the highlight. I’d highly recommend the team at funeralcare to anyone.

Ellie made us feel comfortable, it was a tender loving experience. The company have done a beautiful job of preparing the body. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Ellen Ender
I was blown away by the care and how they went out of their way for the family members. It was the genuine caring and empathy – they made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I knew that my mum was in safe and respected hands. I certainly wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending them, I really felt like I was part of the family. They were brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
Rachel Drummond
They were wonderful, Ellie and Bill provided the service that I had anticipated At the end of the service my uncle came up to me and told me that it was the best service he had ever attended. He was impressed by their sincerity and warmth
Bert Ghergori
I chose them because they are central, but once I got there I really liked the genuine concern. They gave me very good guidance and helped to make the process very easy. They were unobtrusive and warm.
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