Understanding the Complex Tasks and Roles of Funeral Directors

Understanding the Complex Tasks and Roles of  Undertakers

What are the roles and responsibilities of funeral directors ? The function is not limited to providing burial services. A funeral planner also has the responsibility of helping bereaved family members to cope with this devastating emotional loss, since he is usually the first person to provide comfort and sympathy to the grieving spouse or children. Families and relatives usually rely on funeral managers for strength and guidance especially during these difficult moments.

Functions of Funeral Directors

The one that you choose should have the right education and experience. This is a requirement before they can attend to all the needs of clients. The initial assignment of a funeral manager is to meet formally with members of the family. The next of kin must provide all pertinent personal information and circumstances of death to the funeral director. This will help the provider to obtain the death certificate without difficulty. This meeting also serves as planning for the services from viewing, formal rites and entombment.

The hardest task of funeral managers is to present the different options to the family on how they want the funeral service to be conducted. It is complicated since there are different factors to consider such as religion, customs and beliefs. Funeral directors in Perth must present all these elements which include the vigil and visitation, religious or secular rituals, eulogies, background music, flowers, photography, and obituaries.

It is also the responsibility of undertakers is to fetch the body of the deceased from the hospital or place of death to the funeral chapel. Funeral companies take care of embalming unless the person is buried right after death. Cremation can be an option if the relatives choose to forego traditional internment.

Additional Duties of Funeral Directors in Perth

Among other assignments of these funeral directors include documentation and filing as well as processing of required permits, certifications, authorizations, and affidavits. The funeral manager should keep several copies of the death certificate and turn these over to the next of kin after the funeral service.

Funeral Directors in Perth are also responsible for gathering information about the deceased for obituary placement. The manager coordinates all arrangements concerning the relatives’ choice of church, minister, memorial park (unless there is a previous choice made by the family), and crematorium.

Majority of the undertakers in Perth provide the families with the book for registration of visitors, prayer cards, folders, and acknowledgements upon request of the clients. These service providers can help in notifying other relatives and colleagues; making arrangements for transportation and allowances of clergy; arrangement of casket carriers, funeral vehicles and other extra services; preservation of flowers, mass cards and memorial donations; preparation of internment and actual funeral procession; catering services; and, meeting with the family right after entombment.

This is the time when the funeral manager turns over everything like the registry book, Mass cards, photographs, and souvenirs. Funeral managers should ensure that everything has been settled before the contract with the family ends.

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