Tips in Choosing a Pre-paid Funeral Plan that is Suitable for You

Selecting the most appropriate pre-paid funeral plan for you is very important, particularly if you take in to consideration the cost and the effect it will bring to your loved ones. Below are some tips that will help you through the process so that you can be sure of your final decision.

Do not put it off. When you purchase a pre-paid funeral plan you’re paying for all the arrangements and services at today’s rate, freezing costs and so preventing the impact of inflation. Providers of funeral plans usually increase their rates yearly to reflect elevating costs, therefore it would be best to buy today and save money.

Consider your budget. When funds are available, purchase a pre-paid funeral plan in one go rather than paying for it on monthly installment. Paying the full costs once is the cheapest way.

Select a level of service that meets your preferences and needs. There are 3 levels of service that most providers offer: simple, standard, and superior funeral plan. Services covered in these levels are: funeral director’s fee, services and allowance pay for thirds party expenses also known as disbursements that includes burial or cremation fee and the doctor and minister’s charges.

Consider the option of joint funeral plan. Couples who are searching for pre-paid funeral plans can have two options: purchase two funeral plans or purchase a joint funeral plan. Joint funeral plan is a single plan which is written in both the couples’ names and covers services for the first person who dies. Take note, funds are still needed to cover the services for the second death.

Make sure that your provider is a member of a governing body. If your plan provider is associated with a professional regulatory body, you can be protected and guaranteed that the services you have paid for are ensured. This is because the regulatory body requires its members to follow certain codes of conduct which sets their standard into a higher level.

Choose a good funeral director. Funeral providers usually give you the option to select a funeral director who they’ll seek to place the plan with, or the providers will choose one for you. Remember, you must be aware of who is your chosen funeral director not later than 28 days.
Think of the details. Most pre-paid funeral plans offer you the chance to incorporate your specific requirements or wishes for your funeral. They could be music, hymns, a wake or a unique party or you could also choose to just pay for all the arrangements and leave the planning of details to your family when the inevitable time comes.

Compare. Shop and compare different funeral plan so that you can find the appropriate plan that will fit your needs and your budget.

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