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Pre-Paid Funerals In Perth by Funeralcare

Peace of mind – for you and your family

Pre-paying your funeral is a thoughtful way to help your family cope with losing you. Planning ahead protects your loved ones from much financial and emotional stress.

You save money by paying for your future services at today’s prices. And you avoid placing a financial strain on those you leave behind. Pre-paid funerals are quite a common request, mainly for the financial reasons but also when you express your wishes in advance, you save your family from the added worry of wondering what kind of funeral you would have wanted.

Pre-paid FuneralsFuneralcare Perth’s pre-paid funerals give you a fully guaranteed contract with the option to pay by lump sum or installments.

Call us for an obligation-free chat. We would be delighted to show you how a pre-paid funeral can bring real peace of mind.

5 Reasons for Prepaid Funerals in Perth

Taking the time to pre plan and prepay your funeral service is a sensible thing to do. It means you get to plan the burial or cremation service the way you want it. It also removes the emotional and financial stress from your loved ones. Another advantage is that it locks in the price of it all in today’s costs.

It also allows you to relax in the knowledge that your prepayments are being held securely for you while you get on with living your life to the fullest.

  1. Pay the current price, beating any increases in costs.

    By using a prepaid funeral plan, inflation and increases in premiums don’t affect you at all – you can avoid them. You can pay in regular payments, or pay in full all at once, it’s flexible and can be tailored to whatever suits you best. These arrangements are also not taken into account with the assets test by Centrelink, so qualifying for your pension or even the part pension, may be easier.

  2. No on-going outgoings.

    The funeral you want is all that you pay for with a prepaid funeral. There are no extra costs and no more premiums to be paid, either for your family or you. The price of a prepaid funeral varies dependant on what you want to include. As soon as it’s fully paid, unless other inclusions are added to the service, there is nothing else to spend.

  3. Eliminate stress or worry and give the gift of ‘peace-of-mind’.

    Your loved ones, friends & family will not have to worry about, or deal with, having to make any arrangements. They won’t need to think about details or even to be concerned with financial worries because it is already prearranged for them.

  4. No health check-ups or long-winded forms.

    We can take you through the quick and simple process of prearranging your funeral service.

  5. Modify the plan to suit your requirements.

    Having a prepaid funeral means that you get to have your funeral service exactly the way you want it.

Choosing Pre-paid Funerals in Perth

Perth prepaid funeral service planning

One of the most thoughtful acts you can do is making sure your loved ones are taken care of when you leave. This includes preparing a will, getting your affairs in order, and planning for your funeral service in Perth. While it used to be that the wishes of the deceased was followed as closely as possible, today a lot of people are choosing to pre-plan their funeral. Taking this planning a step further, is the idea of pre-paid funerals.

We know how hard it is to say goodbye to a loved one when they pass away. There are a range of emotions to deal with, often all at once. From sadness to loss, among an assortment of other feelings, the loss of someone you love is never easy. An even more difficult matter is someone trying to plan a funeral while grieving.

Why People Pre-plan their Funerals


Everyone has different reasons for wanting to pre-plan their funeral service. No matter what your circumstance may be, one of the main benefits of pre-planning your service is that you’re taking the burden from your loved ones’ hands. By arranging everything in advance, you’re giving your family and friends a chance to focus on grieving their loss, and beginning to heal from it.

Another reason that people choose to pre-plan their memorial service is because they want things done a certain way. There are a lot of considerations to make when planning for your funeral. From floral arrangements to the location, you may have specific desires for your end-of-life service. It’s easier on your loved ones if they don’t need to guess what you would have wanted.

Pre-paying for Your Funeral In Perth

Pre Paying

Taking things one step further, you can pre-pay for your funeral. Financial burdens are the leading cause of stress, no matter what the situation is. The last thing you want to do is add onto what your family is dealing with by having them figure out the best way to pay for your funeral costs. Even if you’ve left money behind for them to use, they’ll need to decide where that money should go.

You also save money by paying for your future service at today’s price. Like most things, funeral costs tend to rise every year. That means that a funeral today will probably cost less than the same funeral three or four years from now. Paying for your funeral now will save your loved ones money when you pass on. Pre-paying also protects you and your family from inflation, and the growth is non-taxable.

Depending on your region, if your funeral costs less than the amount you have put aside, those funds will be refunded back to your beneficiaries. For more information on what is applicable in your region, simply speak to your funeral director.

Some of the Ways in Which You Can Plan Ahead

Planning Ahead

Like we said, there are a lot of ways you can pre-plan for your service. From gathering personal information for your obituary to choosing a funeral home, taking care of these details helps your family during your passing. You can also involve them in the process which could make the grieving process a little easier for them.

To help you understand how many choices you can make, we’ve put this list of details together. While each point doesn’t apply to everyone, we feel that this information gives you a good idea of the benefit of pre-planning your service:

  • Choose cremation or burial
  • Select a casket or urn
  • Choose the location and type of service
  • Decide whether you’d like to have a viewing or visitation
  • Choose a floral arrangement
  • Select which photographs or memorabilia you’d like to display
  • Choose the clothing you’d like to be dressed in
  • Select music and hymns
  • Select a style for your stationery and memorial register book
  • Arrange transportation for your remains and your family
  • Choose a clergy member or officiator to preside over the service

These are just a few of the decisions you can make prior to your passing. By planning all of these details, you’re taking the burden from your family and loved ones so they can focus on grieving and healing.

Reach Out to Us For More Information

Reach Out

While pre-paying for your funeral costs isn’t a requirement when planning ahead, it’s an important part of making sure your family doesn’t have to worry about the expenses themselves. A lot of people in Perth, and the surrounding area, are choosing to pre-paid funerals as a way to take care of their loved ones during a difficult time.

If you have any questions about pre-paying or planning for your funeral service in Perth, reach out to us for more information. Our support staff and licensed directors are here to help you in any way they can.

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