How to Organize a Memorable Funeral Service for a Loved One

Memorable funeral services can vary in tone, content, and style just as vastly as the unique characteristics and personality of the deceased being remembered. There are many families now who choose to change from the traditional services to more modern funerals. There are many various options to choose from to accommodate the family’s preferences for celebrating the life of a loved one.

The choices now for memorial service ideas are limitless. It could be a traditional service, a “life celebration” type of memorial, or something in-between. The many choices and the decreased in accepted standard increases people’s right to choosing their preferred elements to include in a funeral service.

These are some of memorial service ideas which can help you in planning the best life celebration, funeral, or memorial service:

Choose a Theme

Choose a general décor that expresses your loved one’s personality. You can get ideas from his or her hobbies, favorite sports team, religion, and other interests. The staff at the funeral parlour can help you to choose.

Flowers for Funerals

Funeral flowers have many colors, designs, and styles. You may choose a flower and color to become part of a general theme. This may include hobbies, sports, associations, or organizations which the deceased had been involved with in his or her lifetime. There are also a variety of styles and themes that could include things like airplanes, motorcycles, footballs, guitars, gardener, fishing, cross, cowboy, sports teams, colleges, etc.

Customized Candles for Memorialfuneral services perth

You can set the mood of the memorial service with candles. These come in several scents, like lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, and ocean. Also, you can include custom text engraving to make a very special keepsake for the family.

Sayings and Poems

You can make use of sayings and poems to inspire and to touchingly express, hope, love and grief. If the deceased had a favorite poem, song lyrics, or Bible verse, this should be your first choice. And also, a little bit of off-the-wall funeral humour, with the right crowd could serve as fun ice-breakers.


You can showcase or display the deceased collection of baseball cards, stamps, or the like. Showcase his or her photography, scrapbook creations, etc. Display them on a table near the entrance.

Photos for Memorial Service

It will be appropriate and heartwarming to display a photo of the deceased. This may be as simple as a framed print portrait or as beautiful as a custom painting. Also, you can create a photo collage in beautiful panoramic frame. You can also consider a laser engraved granite plaque. It is a classy way to show a portrait at the funeral service.

Use Slideshow

You can organise a slideshow of photos from all aspect of the individual’s life. You can include captions to emphasise year, or where photos were taken. This will help attendees piece together different life facets of the deceased which some attendees may not be familiar of.

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