How to Choose Highly Qualified Funeral Directors in Perth

The selection process for director for a funeral may seem tedious. Costs and quality of service vary greatly. Each one has separate marketing strategies which can add to the difficulty in making a choice for the right funeral director. It pays to be meticulous if you are looking for a competent undertaker

Services Offered by Funeral Companies

Talk to at least three candidates. Compare the fees, customer testimonials and services offered by accredited funeral conductors in Perth. The first concern is to review their price structure. In Australia, funeral companies are obliged to provide customers with a price list with itemized costs of services and products. Be clear with your choices of coffins, floral arrangements and other merchandise.

Majority of burial businesses in Perth include planning; securing death certificates and permits; embalming and storage of cadaver; preparation of death notices; and, making arrangements with other providers in their basic services. You should also inquire about additional costs. These generally include the following:

  1. Receiving and sending remains to another funeral home.
  2. Immediate burial or direct cremation
  3. Preparations of the corpse
  4. Use of facilities for memorial rites, viewing, internment ceremony, and equipment for cemetery service
  5. Hearse or limousine

It is a practical practice to examine prices before finally hiring funeral directors in Perth.

Some providers may charge upfront fees particularly for merchandise acquired from other suppliers. These can include minor requirements like flowers, obituary advertisements and fees for the priest or lay minister. These costs are discretionary and negotiable. Ideally, the best funeral directors in Perth have an extensive network and will refer you to the right sources for possible financial aid.


Check out the experience of your prospective providers. The funeral company that has been in this business for many years will prove to be a more reliable service provider. Most of responsible funeral directors in Perth are members of legitimate and reputable funeral directors associations. Membership in these organizations is not mandatory but it indicates that the provider has integrity in this industry.

It is also advisable to opt for local funeral homes. Clients will find it more convenient to make changes or request for additional services. There is nothing wrong to choose a small family-owned firm but big companies can make a difference in terms of quality. For easier coordination, look for funeral directors in Perth who provide all related services under one roof. You need not look for other providers since memorial rituals, internment, viewing, refrigeration, and secondary services will be part of the package.

Finally, ask about the funeral home’s techniques in disposing of the cadaver. This does not only concern cremation, embalming and the ordinary burial process. The funeral manager must be ready to discuss other important matters with you such as the possibility of donating the corpse to medical institution or clinic. Take your time and review the company’s policies carefully before signing any contract. Let the lawyer check terms and conditions before you hire the funeral director.

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