How Pre-paid Funerals Can Help You During the Death of a Loved One

Memorial services in Australia can be expensive especially if you prefer an elaborate funeral. You should consider pre-paid funerals if you wish to makes thing less complicated for your loved ones. There are many things to consider before finally choosing a particular pre-paid funeral plan.

Ways to Get Plans for Pre-paid Funerals

You can purchase pre-paid funerals in two ways. The common option is to find a reputable funeral plan company. Another is from the nearest funeral firm. Payment terms are easy. Many providers ask for a one-month advance or instalment options from a minimum of 12 to 120 months. The only issue with a longer settlement is an additional charge of 15 to 26 percent aside from the aggregate cost.

Check the provisions of pre-paid funerals carefully. Find out built-in services. Simple rituals may not have church services or limousine transport. Expensive packages may even leave out the church service. The key feature of pre-paid funerals is these maintain the cost at present prices. Besides, you have the liberty of planning for your own wake and burial. Most of the expenses are guaranteed although there may be extra services that you need to pay for in cash.

Individuals with pre-paid funerals can save a lot of money. Open an online bank savings account or term deposit until you have set aside an amount that covers your preferred funeral. The compound interest calculator shows how long it needs to save on finances. Separate these funds from daily accounts. Notify family members regarding these accounts for easy access in case of sudden death.

Pre-paid funerals usually do not guarantee so-called disbursements or third party expenditures. These consist of the actual entombment; doctors or hospital expenses; church and clergy fees; choir and organists; cemetery plot; and, digging of grave. Inclusive services are payment for funeral manager; fees for death certificates; viewing and visitation; floral arrangements; food; music; and death notices. You are free to allocate the budget for each category. Seek the advice of the Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA) if you have some concerns regarding pre-paid funerals.

Eligibility and Costs of Pre-paid Funerals

There are numerous providers of pre-paid funerals in Australia. Only persons 18 years old and above since you need to sign legal agreements. Some companies also implement policies on maximum age qualifications. In other words, certain companies do not offer plans to senior citizens or those who are over 65 years. Look for the pre-paid funerals that will match your budget and wishes.

Pre-paid funerals can be very expensive depending on the services, the features and the type of funeral company you’re dealing with. You can select a simple plan that will fit a tight spending budget. It can be a lot of money but think about the convenience the plan brings. These programs provide your beloved ones with solace particularly during the period of grief and mourning. Once you have finished paying for the plan, your family is relieved of all the apprehensions that go with death of family member.

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