Funeralcare Perth, We are a Family run business!

Your family is our number one concern. 

Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a loved one. From the overwhelming emotions to asking “what’s next”, saying goodbye is one of the hardest experiences you’re likely to go through.Let us provide you with a funeral service that’s warm and sensitive so you can focus on being there for your loved ones. Our professional and caring funeral conductors are available to answer any questions or concerns you might have during the planning of the service. 

A funeral that’s filled with the precious memories of your loved one helps give your emotions a focus, and begins the natural grieving process. We understand how important this service is, which is why we treat each funeral with the reverence and respect it deserves.

You and your family are always our number one concern. We’re here to help you plan and conduct a funeral service that feels right for you. We also go that extra mile by continuing to support you for as long as you need, during your bereavement.

Our staff in Perth are here to address any issues that might arise during the planning and running of the service, from flower arrangements to the order of events, our professionalism will put you at ease so you can focus on being there for your loved ones during this difficult time.

Personal Care & Professional Funeral Services

We’re dedicated to combining the very best professional services with genuine, personal care. All of our years of experience, care and attention to detail goes into every funeral. We take care of families in a professional, compassionate and understanding manner at Funeralcare.

As one of the leading funeral companies in Perth, we go above and beyond to make sure that the service we provide is exactly how you want it, while honouring the wishes of the recently passed. We’ll work with you to create a meaningful and memorable tribute that incorporates your memories and the mementos of your loved one’s interests, passions and hobbies.

Funeralcare: The Most Trusted Perth Funeral Company

We’re here to discuss your needs without you having any sort of obligation to use our services. You can also get ahold of us to arrange an in-home visit if that’s more convenient for you.To make the grieving process a little easier for their loved ones, some people choose to invest in pre-paid funerals in Perth. We specialise in this type of planning, and can help you with any questions you might have about funerals in Perth.

Whether you need advice on paying for your service in advance or help with arranging a ceremony that matches your needs, we’re here to help. At Funeralcare, we take our role in this delicate process seriously. Our team of professionals treat every service with the honour and dignity they deserve.

Each of our funeral services are unique, reflecting the life of the person whose memory we’re honouring. Ellie, and the professionals at Funeralcare, are here to help guide you through the process of arranging important service details, both large and small.

At Funeralcare, we provide you with a burial or cremation service that’s created for you and your loved ones, without the high expenses. We offer everything from creative services to more intimate gatherings, as well as anything else you need to honour your loved one.

Experienced Funeral Planning in Perth

With over 18 years of experience in the funeral industry, our team at Funeralcare in Perth have the knowledge and ability to provide you with a service that respects your loved one’s wishes. We’ve been helping families for decades, and understand how important a properly run funeral service is.

Families in Perth, and the surrounding area, have been coming to us for years to help them plan a service that honours their loved one’s memory and wishes. We work with you to discuss any unique requests or needs you might have, and do our best to incorporate them into the service. We do this in a natural way, in order to reignites the wonderful memories you have about your loved one.

We know you’re likely to have a lot of questions and are available to answer any concerns you may have. From expenses to the order of service, there are a number of details you’ll want to understand prior to the funeral taking place. Our team explains everything you’re wondering about, staying away from industry-related terms while doing so, in order to prevent confusion.

Funeralcare Cremation Services in Perth

Cremation is an option that’s becoming increasingly popular. Some choose cremation because of its lower cost, others for religious reasons, and some because of environmental concerns. While it’s becoming more popular, many people still don’t know a lot about the cremation process.

One of the advantages of cremation is that it provides you with increased flexibility when you make your funeral and cemetery arrangements. You can choose to have a funeral service before the cremation; a memorial service at the time of cremation or afterwards with the urn present, or even as a committal service at the final disposition of cremated remains. No matter what you choose, we can make your cremation service a unique and fitting tribute.

You don’t need a casket if you decide that cremation is best for your needs. However, an enclosed, rigid container made of a combustible material is required to allow for the dignified handling of the remains. Just like a traditional casket, the urn selected is a personal decision, and can still be personalised to reflect the deceased.

Pre-planning Perth Funeral Services

The biggest advantage of pre-planning your funeral service is to relieve the burden on your loved ones during an already emotional time. This option is also a good way to ensure that your service is carried out according to your wishes, eliminating any second-guessing as to what you would have wanted.

By pre-paying your funeral, you eliminate your family second guessing on if they have spent too much or too little on your service. It also protects you and your family from inflation, and the growth is non-taxable. Depending on your location, if your funeral costs less than the amount you have put aside, that money will be refunded back to your beneficiaries.

Some of the details you can decide on during the pre-planning process include choosing between a burial or cremation, as well as your casket or urn. You’re also able to pick the type of service you want, choose a funeral home to use, and designate the details of your funeral service.

A Funeral Service to Help You Grieve

Mourning the loss of a loved one is a complicated process that everyone goes through in their own way. When friends and relatives begin settling back into their normal routines, you might not feel ready to just yet. During times like this it’s important to have someone who you can talk to that understands what you’re going through.

Our team at Funeralcare is here whenever you need someone who can empathise with your struggle. Sometimes it’s easier to talk to someone outside of your family who has experience helping people throughout  the grieving process. Our directors are caring  professionals who are happy to listen long after the funeral service has taken place.

We’re also available to put you in touch with counsellors and self-help groups, both of which are useful when dealing with grief and talking about your loss. You can find additional information in our reference library, which is filled with helpful materials. Sometimes the grieving process is less daunting when you’re able to talk to other people who have gone through a similar situation. Even if you’re not ready to talk about your loss, just listening can be therapeutic and healing.   

We’re Here When You Need Us

At Funeralcare, we understand how difficult the passing of a loved one is and are here to help make the process of planning a service a little less stressful. When you contact our office, you’re reaching out to the best funeral company in Perth. Our caring staff members are here to help you before, during, and after the ceremony by answering any questions or concerns you might have.

If you need support that we’re unable to offer, our resource section is filled with useful information about the grieving process. We can also direct you towards groups and other professionals who are available to help. For more details about our resources, contact us. Our team of caring professionals based in Perth are always available to you as well, if you need someone to talk to prior or after the service.

There are a few different Perth funeral companies for you to turn to during this difficult time, and we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Funeralcare. We think that our caring and committed staff set us apart from the other organizations in the area, and are willing to show you how we’re different. We’ll answer any questions you have during any point of the service process and are here as a sympathetic ear at any time you need us.

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